about us, which is really just me & some super, awesome friends

Mommani Threads is the brainchild of 3 groovy chicks on a bed:  my sister, her daughter and me.  

For years, I have designed and stitched custom needlepoint stockings and pillows.  My loved ones were the lucky recipients ("oh, a needlepoint pillow . . great!"), but their overall enthusiasm got me to wondering how I could share my work with the rest of the world?  What's more, how could I do it in a way that way would be affordable to all?  This is where the bedroom brainstorming began . . . 

What if we reproduced the designs in cotton sateen?  What if we not only offered pillows, but sculpted creatures?  What if we made some of them kid-friendly and some of them more showroom ready,

with velvet and feather/down? 

What if we created some original designs in wool tapestry?  We could also dress these babies up

and offer them as one-of-a-kind art.  Hmmm . . . 

Every item in the shop is custom made ethically & locally,

with crazy heart and soul.  

If you buy a wool tapestry pillow, you are buying a work of art - hand stitched, absolutely original, impeccably finished.  It will be yours forever and ever! (I have created custom commissions for designers, celebrities, film directors, artists and needlepoint collectors all over the country.  So, yes, I have a record.  So to speak.)

The cotton sateen reproductions are created with the same standards.  The best, organic cotton sateen; lovely reverses, such as designer velvet or soft pinwale cotton; custom made blended

and feather down pillows.  

My finishers are true magic makers too!  Glitter twirling everywhere, they give the breath of life,

sewing the backs and adding the fanciful Mommani Threads logo to every creation.



The name - mommani - is actually a misspelling of the Italian word mammoni. Mammonis are Mama's boys, who stay at home well into adulthood. When I chose mommani as my email moniker, my boys were toddlers. Now, they're wonderful mini-men and tremendously inspirational.  You'll find some of their art translated into needlepoint, including the Mommani logo and Swag Monster.


Mommani has an "evil twin" sister - Pout Design.  Pout is the sexy, sassy girl boss - the one who talks back, doesn't hold back, and invites you to come hither.  You will find her monogram on some of the products offered here, all created with the same care as her sweeter sister.



I hope you find something that makes you happy!  
xx  Cheryl

Shout out to rock star friends, who have supported me beyond measure.  I'm so grateful!

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